Dovetail Couplings

These printed dovetail couplings provide an easy way to quickly swap out different OpenHand designs onto existing robotic platforms. The bottom frame piece for each hand has an optional female coupling add-on, and on this page you can find the corresponding male mating piece adapted to various robotic arms.

We currently provide support for:

If there is a robotic platform not shown here for which you'd like a coupling adapter made, please contact us and let us know (provided that hardware documentation or access for the platform is available)

Build Instructions

Our design recommends an M4 heated insert and a 25mm long M4 bolt in combination with the printed coupling parts. The heated insert is installed onto the male coupling piece. Of course, you can do without the insert or use a different insert if you resize the mounting hole in the male coupling accordingly.

Example of Heat-set Insert in 3D-Printed Part (Video)