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The GRAB Lab conducts research into robot manipulation and biorobotic systems. Current research topics include robotic hands and dexterous grasping and manipulation, upper-limb prosthetics, human grasping and manipulation, and assistive and rehabilitation devices, among others. Some details on our established work can be found on the Research and Publications pages.

We have recently begun to make some of our robotic hand designs freely available as Open Hardware through the Yale OpenHand Project.

Along with those efforts, we are beginning a larger effort to encourage, centralize, and host other similar Open Robot Hardware efforts through our site OpenRobotHardware.org.

Prof. Dollar is the editor and co-founder of RoboticsCourseWare.org, an open repository for robotics pedagogical materials.


We are currently seeking exceptional students to join our team as PhD and Master's candidates. Applicants should have a background in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or a closely related field. Quality of the applicant is more important than specific background, although hardware and experimental experience is preferable. Interested students should contact Prof. Dollar and provide a copy of their resume and a brief description of their interests for graduate school.

Recent News

Aug. 20 - GRAB Lab PhD Student Joseph Belter won First Prize in the ASME Graduate Mechanism Design Competition - congratulations to Joe!

July 15 - Prof. Dollar has received the NASA Early Career Faculty award - Congrats!

May 15 - RightHandRobotics - The lab has spun off a company along with folks from Rob Howe's lab at Harvard. Good luck to Lael, Leif, and Yaro!

Dec. 10 - Prof. Dollar has been promoted to Associate Professor - great news!

Oct. 15 - Hari's paper entitled Energy-based limit cycle compensation for dynamically balancing wheeled inverted pendulum machines is a finalist for Best Student Paper at the 2013 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. Great work, Hari!

Sept. 28 - The teams from the DARPA Robotics Challenge have received their ATLAS Humanoid Robots, complete with iHY Hands developed jointly between our lab, iRobot, and Harvard. Check out one teams documentation of trying out the ATLAS robot for the first time, with a few shots of the hands (ours are on the right arm).

Aug. 8 - Prof. Dollar has been awarded the 2013 DARPA Young Faculty Award.

Aug. 6 - PhD Student Kamran Shamaei took First Place in the ASME Student Robot Design Competition, Graduate Division. Congrats Kamran!

June 6 - The final version of our hand produced for the DARPA ARM-H program, produced with iRobot and Harvard, was featured in CNN's Outfront with Erin Burnett.

May 1 - Our paper entitled Finding Small, Versatile Sets of Human Grasps to Span Common Objects is a finalist for Best Manipulation Paper at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Congrats to Ian and the other authors!

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