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A. Douglas Stone Research Group

Photo from SALT movie excursion
The movie was, inexplicably, not at all about the Steady-state Ab-initio Laser Theory.
A. Douglas Stone with C. Townes
A. D. Stone with C. Townes.

Current Members

Prof. A. Douglas Stone (Ph.D. MIT '83)


Yidong Chong (Ph.D. MIT '08)

Ph.D. Students

Alexander Cerjan

Former Members

Aashish Clerk (Ph.D. Cornell '01)
Li Ge (Ph.D. Yale '10)
Gregor Hackenbroich
Phillipe Jacquod (Ph.D. Neuchatel '97)
Manabu Machida (Ph.D. U. Tokyo '04)
Florian Marquardt (Ph.D. Basel '03)
Evgenii Narimanov (Ph.D. Moscow '95)
Jens Nöckel (Ph.D. Yale '97)
Stefan Rotter (Ph.D. TU Vienna '04)
Oleg Starykh (Ph.D. Moscow '91)
Harald G. L. Schwefel (Ph.D. Yale '04)
Robert J. Tandy (M. Ph. Yale '09)
Hakan E. Türeci (Ph.D. Yale '03)
Maxim Vavilov (Ph.D. Cornell '01)