NOTE:  The Soft Matter Lab at Yale is closing and will re-emerge as the Laboratory of Soft and Living Materials at ETH in 2016.
Journal Club

Here's a handy archive of the paper's we've discussed in journal club.

Handy Websites

Boulder Summer School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
:  Prof. Dufresne co-organized  a month-long school for advanced graduate students and post-docs on "The Physics of Soft Matter: Complex Fluids and Biological Materials"  in 2006.  There are lots of great lecture notes online.

 Particle tracking code in matlab: Daniel Blair (Harvard) and Eric Dufresne have recently developed a suite of matlab codes for locating and tracking particles, based on the on popular IDL code by David Grier (NYU) and John Crocker (UPenn).

New England Complex Fluids Workshop - quarterly meeting, handy website


In our lab

Optical microscopy
Optical Tweezers

In other labs at Yale

Clean room
Multi-angle dynamic light scattering

Lab Safety

Raphael Sarfati is the lab safety officer.  Vincent Germain, our former saftety officer, prepared this brief guide for people doing experiments in our lab.  You can find more handy safety information at the following sites:
Contact Raphael if you have any questions.

Finding Us

We are located in Mason Labs at 9 Hillhouse Ave in New Haven.  Our laboratory is on the main floor, room 124.  Prof. Dufresne's office is on the mezzanine level between the first and second floors, room M5. Our laboratory is a five minute cab ride from Union Station where you can catch Amtrak or Metro-North trains to New York, Boston and lots of other places on the East Coast.  For driving directions, click here.

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