NOTE:  The Soft Matter Lab at Yale is closing and will re-emerge as the Laboratory of Soft and Living Materials at ETH in 2016.
Our Group

Dr. Eric R. Dufresne

Eric was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Yale, and is now the Professor of Soft and Living Materials in the Department of Materials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

Dr. Rostislav Boltyanskiy

Ross defended his Physics at Yale in 2015.  He is a 2009 graduate of the University of Chicago and is studying the mechanics of living cells.

Dr. Katharine Jensen

Kate grew up in New England and studied physics at Princeton (A.B.) and Harvard (Ph.D).   She is co-advised with Jan Schroers.  She is studying the deformation of amorphous materials.

Dr. Kathryn Rosowski

Katie defended her Ph.D. in MCD biology at Yale in 2015.  Before coming to Yale, Katie studied physics at Cornell and worked at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.  Katie is studying the mechanics of living cells.

Dr. Qin Xu

Qin defended his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Chicago in 2015.  Qin is studying the mechanics of soft materials.
Raphael Sarfati

Raphael is a Ph.D. student in applied physics. He comes from Paris, where he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique. He is currently studying the interactions of colloidal particles with lipid membranes..

Niveditha Samudrala

Nivi is a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering. She is from South India and earned her bachelors in chemical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal in 2011. Prior to Yale, she conducted research indhard condensed matter physics at TU Munich and TIFR India. Currently, she studies phase transitions in colloids and self assembly of nanoparticles at fluid-fluid interfaces.

Former Lab Members

Dr. Vincent Germain - now at University of Lyon

Dr. Sunil Sainis - now at E*Ink

Dr. Marleen van der Veen - now at IMEC, Belgium
Dr. Wilfried Engl - now at School of Materials Science and Engineering, Singapore
Prof. Holger Kress (spring 2007 - spring 2010) - now at University of Bayreuth
Dr. Jingyu Park - now are Harvard
Prof. Chris MacMinn - now at Oxford
Prof. Robert Style - now at Oxford
Dr. Aric Sanders - now at NIST Boulder
Dr. Sara Hashmi - now at Yale  Chemical Engineering
Dr. Jason W. Merrill - now at Desmos, Inc.
Dr. Alla Shundrovsky (fall 2007 - summer 2010)
Dr. JinGyu Park (fall 2007 - fall 2010) - now at Harvard University
Prof. Guy German (spring 2010 - fall 2012) - now at Binghamton University
Dr. Jason Forster -now at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Dr. Ye Xu - now at University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Cecile Mejean - now at St. Gobain
Dr. Aaron Mertz - now at Rockefeller University
Dr. Callen Hyland - now at UCSD
Aaron Barnet  '08 (summer 2005)
Stephen Chapin  '07 (summer 2005, fall 2006, spring 2007) - now at MIT ChE
Jacqueline Martinez '06 (fall 2005, spring 2006) - now at Oliver Wyman
Eleanor Millman '07 (fall 2005 - summer 2007) - now at Harvard Physics
Elise Novitski '08 (fall 2006 - summer 2008) - now  at Harvard Physics
Kristina Mois '06 (spring 2007) 
Madeleine Udell '09 (spring - summer 2008) - now at Stanford Applied Math
Elissa Dunn '09 (fall 2007 - fall 2008) - now at D. E. Shaw
Elizabeth Jerison '10 (spring 2008 - spring 2010) - now at Harvard Physics
Alexandra Beautyman '12 (summer 2009 -  spring 2010)
Henry Foote '12 (spring 2010 - summer 2011) - now at Duke
Lamtharn "Hanoi" Hantrakul '15 (summer 2012)
Yonglu Che '13 (summer 2009- spring 2013) - now at Stanford
Madeline Popelka '14 - now at Epic
Ariel Ekblaw '14 - now at Microsoft

Our Colleagues

Some of our Collaborators at Yale

Soft Matter & Complex Fluids
Hui Cao - Applied Physics
Douglas Stone - Applied Physics
John  Wettlaufer - Geophysics

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Paul Forscher - MCDB
Valerie Horsley - MCDB
Rick Prum - EEB
Lynne Regan - MB&B
Linda Bockenstedt - Rheumatology & Internal Medicine

Collaborators at other institutions

Ward Lopes - Williams College
Eric Furst - U. Delaware
Anne Grillet - Sandia National Labs

Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling - Universty of Connecticut Health Center

Collaborators in industry

Cabot Corporation
Unilever Corporation

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