Research 1

Light force devices and cavities ( nano-opto-mechanical systems)

We manufacture photonic and nanomechanical devices using CMOS techniques. Photonic integration of nanomechanics enables a new class of light force devices. Sub topics include but not limited to circuit cavity optomechanics, classical and quantum force measurements, optomechanical radio frequency resonators and nonlineary devices.

Research 2

Quantum optics and optomechanics

The quantum regime of photonic and mechanical systems offers fascinating new possibilities for both applied and fundamental physics. Quantum optics provides a well- developed tool box to help entering and controlling this regime. New classes of qubits are also enabled at room temperature with ultimate scalability.

Reseearch 3

Ultrafast CMOS electronics

Large scale integration of NEMS on CMOS platform On-chip sensory system development based on NEMS Microwave NEMS for quantum limited displacement sensing Real-time monitoring of trapped charge through NEMS charge detection.

Research 4

Integrated sensors

We develop real-time chemical and biological sensing devices on a integrated microfluidic platform. The embeded nanosensors enable unprecendented sensitivity, whereas orthogonal sensing modality permits high specifity.