• Strong microwave piezoacoustic resonator coupling realized by graduate Xu Han, see paper in Physical Review Letters.

    Posted 09/30/2016

    Yale News link
  • Tang group welcomes new graduate students joining the team: Juanjuan Lu, Sihao Wang, Mingrui Xu, and Yuntao Xu.

    Posted 09/10/2016

  • Tang group welcomes summer student interns: Hanyu Liu, Jack Roth, Mohan Shen, Joshua Swerdlow, Shanquan Tian, Hendrick Townley, Wance Wang, Hanonan Xiong, Changling Zhao.

    Posted 07/1/2016

  • Tang group welcomes visiting student Zhen Shen from USTC.

    Posted 07/1/2016

  • Xufeng won the Henry Prentiss Becton Graduate Prize - for exceptional achievement of his thesis research.

    Posted 05/06/2016

  • Hong's is promoted to Llewellyn West Jones Jr. Chair of Electrical Engineering!

    Posted 04/29/2016

  • Xufeng won the Chinese goverment award for outstanding oversea students (a $6000 prize). Congratulations!

    Posted 04/29/2016

    • Xufeng passed his Ph.D thesis defense. Congratulations!

      Posted 01/29/2016

    • Xufeng's paper on Cavity Magnomechanics appears in Science Advances today, link

      Posted 01/29/2016

      Yale engineering news & views link
      YQI news link
    • Carsten publishes in Nature Communications read about "quantum technology on a chip", link

      Posted 01/29/2016

      Yale engineering news & views link
      Yale daily news link
    • Xufeng and Changling publish a new paper on magnon memory in Nature Communications. See yale engineering news: link

      Posted 11/17/2015

      Yale engineering news & views link
    • Xiasong heads for a full professor position in Nanjing University.

      Posted 08/31/2015

    • Optomechanics does work in water (and microfluidics!). King's paper on "Nano-optomechanical resonators in microfluidics" is accepted by Nano Letters. link

      Posted 08/02/2015

    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes summer students Xiang Li, Yuchen Ma, Mingrui Xu, Hanlin Tang (all supported by USTC Gifted Young program)

      Posted 07/10/2015

    • Hong is a full professor now.

      Posted 07/1/2015

    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes Brazilian summer exchange student Victor Cardoso supported by Brazil Scientific Mobility Program.

      Posted 05/15/2015

    • Carsten heads for ASML as an architect.

      Posted 12/31/2014

    • Physical Review Letter: Spin-microwave photon coupling strong and ultrastrong - Xufeng produces high cooperativity

      Posted 10/11/2014

      Yale engineering news & views link
    • Kingyan heads for UC Berkeley as a postdoc in Xiang Zhang's group.

      Posted 09/01/2014

    • Xiankai heads for Chinese University of Hong Kong as a new assistant professor.

      Posted 07/31/2014

    • Physical Review Letter Synoposis: Electronic Tuning of Spin Waves - Xufeng stirs the spin waves

      Posted 07/16/2014

      Yale engineering news & views link
    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes summer students Guanzhong Wang (Tsinghua), Dianqi Li, Qingwen Wang, Yicheng Zhang, Yuan Liang, Yifan Chen (all from USTC)

      Posted 06/29/2014

    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes MRSEC REU students Benjamin Huber (from Rice University) and Robbie Polski (from Andrews University)

      Posted 06/04/2014

    • Journal cover - Menno's optomechanical phase shifter featured by Applied Physics Letters as cover article

      Posted 3/05/2014

      Yale engineering news & views link
    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes DAAD exchange student Maria Jarolin from TU Berlin

      Posted 07/17/2013

    • Chi lands in a job at IBM, congratulations!

      Posted 07/15/2013

    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes visiting student Bingchen Deng from University of Science and Technology China

      Posted 07/08/2013

    • Xiankai wins a grant prize of $10,000 for being the finalist for the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists

      Posted 7/03/2013

      Scientific Report
      New York Academy of Science, press release link
    • Nanodevices Lab welcomes CRISP surf student Alex Bruch

      Posted 06/03/2013

    • Chi is awarded a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad

      China Daily USA News
      Posted 05/26/2013
      • Discovering new behaviors of silicon photonic nanocavities - Xiankai's new result published in Scientific Reports

        Posted 3/13/2013

        Scientific Report
        Yale press release link
      • Hong is elected to Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

        Posted 02/20/2013

      • Yale Scientific features Xiaosong's work on quantum teleportation at Univ. Vienna

        link Posted 02/13/2013

      • Christmas gift - superconducing single photon detector - Wolfram builds some of the world's fastest, and most sensitive single photon detectors. See our new publication in Nature Communications.

        Posted 12/17/2012

        Nature Communications
        Nature Communications: High-speed and high-efficiency travelling wave single-photon detectors embedded in nanophotonic circuits. link
      • New advances in vacuum force measurement - Daniel Garcia's work is published in physical review letters as editor suggestion.

        Posted 7/9/2012

        Physical Review Letters
        Pysical review letter synoposis: drumming to the beat of the vacuum. link
        Physics World: Physicists solve Casimir conundrum. link
        Yale engineering news: SEAS Engineers Achieve New Advance in Vacuum Force Measurement link
      • Xiaosong Ma joins us from IQOQI Vienna as postdoctoral fellow.

        Posted 07/04/2012

      • Yanis is back with us from France.

        Posted 06/04/2012

      • Chi's GHz AlN-on-silicon modulator published in Nano. Letters

        link Posted 06/04/2012

      • Chi and King win the IEEE IFCS best student paper awards.

        link Posted 05/30/2012

      • King publishes a paper on intrinsic frequency noise of high Q nanomechanical resonator

        link Posted 04/24/2012

      • Silicon disk resonator reaches GHz and attometer resonaton - Xiankai

        link Posted 04/13/2012

      • We realize a femtogram optomechanical cavity - Xiankai

        link Posted 04/3/2012

      • Chi publishes the first AlN optomechanical resonator

        link Posted 04/01/2012

      • The first AlN photonic crystal cavity - Wolfram

        link Posted 02/10/2012

      • Daniel joins CNRS's Kastler Brossel Laboratory. (France)

        Posted 11/01/2011

      • Mahmood joins NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

        Posted 11/01/2011

      • Mahmood's paper on high amplitude NEMS hits the headlines.

        Posted 10/24/2011

        Discover Magazine
        Nature Nanotechnolgy news and views by Cole and Aspelmeyer: Cavity optomechanics: Mechanical memory sees the light
        Science magazine news by Adrian Cho: Using Light to Flip a Tiny Mechanical Switch.
        IEEE Spectrum Magazine by Neil Savage: Laser makes memory mechanical.
      • Wolfram joins Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to assume a junior research group leader position.

        Posted 09/30/2011

      • Mahmood's paper on High amplitude NEMS accepted by Nature Nanotechnology.

        Posted 09/15/2011

      • Tang lab welcomes new graduate students: Linran Fan, Xu Han, Hojoong Jung, Sreraman Muralidharan

        Posted 09/13/2011

      • Woflram is on the Yale headline again,

        nice picture! Posted 09/13/2011

      • Woflram is awarded an Emmy Nother Fellowship.

        link Posted 08/25/2011

      • Guy Geyer joined as summer undergrad intern from Wesleyan

        Posted 06/09/2011

      • Yanis Sabir joined as summer undergrad intern from Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris France)

        Posted 06/01/2010

      • Menno is awarded a pretigious Rubicon fellow.

        Posted 12/22/2010

      • Hong wins the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize.

        Posted 10/30/2010

      • Menno Poot joins from Tu Delft as postdoctoral scholar.

        Posted 10/01/2010

      • Harish heads to University of Exeter, UK as a new assistant professor.

        Posted 09/30/2010

      • Graduate student Chi Xiong is granted an invited talk at the IEEE Photonics Annual Meeting.

        Posted 08/19/2010

      • Mo heads to University of Minnesota, as a new assistant professor.

        Posted 08/15/2010

      • Lewin Stein joined as DAAD undergraduate researcher.

        Posted 8/2/2010

      • King's new APL paper marks a new high mechanical Q in room temperature NEMS devices (350,000)

        Posted 07/21/2010

      • Dr. Carsten Schuck joins us as postdoctoral scholar.

        Posted 07/20/2010

      • Dr. Xiankai Sun joins us as postdoctoral scholar.

        Posted 06/20/2010

      • Chi published his paper on adiabatic embodiment of NEMS in photonic ring resonators

        Posted 06/10/2010

      • We made it into Discover Magzine's top discoveries of the year!

        Posted 12/10/2009

        Discover Magazine
        Yale news release. link
        Like magnets, light can attract and repel itself. link
      • Tang group welcomes Dr. Harish Bhaskaran to join the team.

        Posted 12/01/2009