• Meters:

    Our lab is a world of meters. These include audio: RF, microwave frequency electronics and fiber optic equipment, geared towards a range of low noise/high frequency/ultrafast signal measurements and precision controls.

  • Lasers:

    We have a range of tunable lasers in the telcoms band, as well as some specialty lasers in the visibile range.

  • Cryostats and pit:

    We have several cryostats working at different base temperatures. One is loaded with attocubes and sits in a very deep 11'x6'x4' pit.

  • Optical benches, magnet, HV and UHV chambers:

    We operate 7 optical benches and two granite tables, loaded with vacuum chambers, large magnets and probe stations.

  • Computer clusters:

    We own a 8-cpu cluster for small scale simulations. We have free access to BulldogJ (128 nodes, 16GB/node) and BulldogK (192 nodes, 16GB/node)

  • Shared cleanroom:

    We prepare our samples in a fully equipped cleanroom well maintained by 'the magnificant trio' - Mike Power, Chris Tillinghast, and Jim Agresta.

  • Shared ebeam facilities:

    Ebeam is a core fab tool for our research. Thanks to Mike Rooks, a fore runner in the ebeam world, our 100kV beam writer has been running on full steam. A range of metrology tools are also managed by Mike.