Lab: 810 West Campus Dr., West Campus, West Haven, CT


Office: 209 Becton, 15 Prospect St., New Haven, CT



(203) 737 - 7293

(203) 432 - 2156


Welcome to CHA Group

Our research focuses on nanoscale materials for their novel electronic properties and potential applications. We currently focus on 2D layered chalcogenides and other 2D nanosheets for fundamental understanding of quantum-mechanical electronic orders.


News: The lab will move to Cornell, July 2022. Judy is joining the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell as a faculty.



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We are always seeking motivated undergraduate and graduate students in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. Experiences in nanomaterial synthesis, device fabrication, (S)TEM, and transport measurements are preferred but not necessary. Interested students should contact Judy J. Cha.


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