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Prof. Paul Anastas - Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yale Center for Green Chemistry

Prof. Apostolos Avgeropoulos - Materials Science and Engineering, Univ. of Ioannina, Greece


Pages of Interest - OSMPGs (Other Soft Matter and Polymer Groups)


Chris Ober's Polymer Chemistry Group

Ned Thomas' Lab @MIT

Paula Hammond's Lab@MIT

Eric Weeks@Emory

Seth Fraden@Brandeis

Eric Dufresne@Yale

Yale Integrated Graduate Program in Physical Engineering Biology

Lecture Series on Soft Matter and Complex Fluids by Ian Morrison

The NECF maintains a great list of soft matter labs - check it out here.


Pages of Interest - Seminars,Journals, arXiv, Societies

Chemical Engineering/SEAS seminars

New England Complex Fluids Workgroup

Recent Soft Matter articles on arXiv.org

Soft Matter Journal Club @ Yale