Lab: 311D,

600 West Campus Dr., West Campus, West Haven, CT


Office: 209 Becton, 15 Prospect St., New Haven, CT


Phone: (203) 737 -7293 / (203) 432 - 2156

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Principal Investigator

Judy Cha

Judy J. Cha

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Yale University

PhD: Cornell University, Postdoc: Stanford University


Office: 209 Becton Center, 15 Prospect St, New Haven, CT

Phone1: (203) 737-7293

Phone2: (203) 432-2156


Faculty Page



Eric Jung

Dr. Eric Jung

MS: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

PhD: University of Pennsylvania



Research: 2D Chalcogenide heterostructures, In-situ TEM of nanosturctures


Dr. Jie Shen

PhD: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Research: Topological insulators, Semiconductor and oxide interfaces


PhD Students

John Woods

BS: University of Virginia

Research: 2D chalcogenide heterostructures


Yujun (Terry) Xie

BS: Drexel University

MS: Drexel University

Research: In-situ TEM of nanostructures



Undergraduate Students

Grace Pan

Undergraduate Student (Physics), Yale University