Teaching and Seminars



Technical Program Committees

  • 2018: WWW (Ubicomp Track), MobiSys
  • 2017: WWW (Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing Track), MobiSys, MobiCom (heavy), CoNEXT, WearSys Workshop (Co-located with MobiSys)
  • 2016: INFOCOM, MobiSys (external), MobiCom, CoNEXT, VLC Workshop (Co-located with MobiCom), HotWireless (Co-located with MobiCom)
  • 2015: EuroSys (light), WWW (Pervasive track), MobiSys (external), MobiCom, Workshop on Physical Analytics (Co-located with MobiSys), VLC Workshop (Co-located with MobiCom), HotWireless Workshop (Co-located with MobiCom)
  • 2014: MobiHOC, VLC Workshop (Co-located with MobiCom), HotWireless Workshop (Co-located with MobiCom)
  • Journal reviewer for: Transactions on Networking, Transactions on Mobile Computing, Transactions on Multimedia, etc.

Conference Organization

  • 2018: SECON PC Co-chair
  • 2017: VLC Workshop Co-chair
  • 2016: HotMobile Publicity Co-chair, MobiCom Publicity Co-chair
  • 2015: HotMobile Publications Chair, MobiCom Panel Co-chair
  • 2014: SIGCOMM travel grant Co-chair, MobiCom Publications Co-chair
  • 2012: CoNEXT Student Workshop Co-chair

Other Activities

  • 2016: Panelist for MobiCom S3 Workshop
  • 2014: Panelist for MobiSys PhD Forum; Faculty advisor for the N2Women event at MobiCom
  • N2Women Membership Co-chair, January 2010 - December 2012

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