Laser Diagnostics Faculty

Richard K. Chang <>

Dr. Chang is currently researching linear and nonlinear laser scattering from dielectric and metallic microparticles and from surfaces and bulk condensed matter. He is developing new optical diagnostic techniques that are applicable to combustion systems.

Alessandro Gomez <>

The primary research focus of Dr. Gomez is spray combustion. He is using various liquid dispersion techniques to study well-defined and well-controlled spray flames that are burnt under either laminar or turbulent conditions. His other research centers on the transport and burning of organic and inorganic "soot."

Victor E. Henrich <>

Dr. Henrich is currently studying the surface and bulk electronic structure of metal oxides. He measures fundamental surface electronic properties by using a wide range of surface-sensitive electron spectroscopies, including resonant photo-emission measurements of orbital hybridization in and on metal oxides. He is also interested in molecular chemisorption and the interfacial properties of oxides with metal overlayers. He has recently initiated model studies of the photochemistry of atmospheric processes on transition-metal-oxide aerosols.

Roman Kuc <>

Dr. Kuc uses the physical principles governing sensor operation and prior knowledge to enhance parameter estimation and system identification. He approaches problems by using analysis, simulations, and processing of real data. He explores procedures motivated by biological sensing systems, such as echolocating bats and dolphins and applies them to task-oriented problems in robotics.

Marshall B. Long>

Dr. Long is pursuing the development of laser diagnostics for the analysis of reacting and nonreacting flows. He uses laser light scattering techniques for measuring temperature, species, and velocity in laminar as well as turbulent flows, with emphasis on obtaining quantitative, multidimensional data that can be compared with computations and models.

Mitchell D. Smooke <>

Dr. Smooke is researching the area of computational combustion. Current research involves computational studies of NOx and soot formation in flames, the modeling of multi- dimensional premixed and nonpremixed flames on shared memory parallel supercomputers, flamelet models for turbulent reacting flows, microgravity combustion and modeling of solid propellant combustion.

Recent Ph.D. Theses Related to Laser Diagnostics:


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