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Chem/Bio Sensor Systems

A new focus of the lab is the integration of electronics with biological and fluidic systems. We have pioneered the investigation of CMOS biosensors, and have recently expanded this to a number of detection systems and new applications, including aqueous Paul trapping for DNA sequencing.

Nanowires: Electronics and Photonics

We also have investigated the electronic and optical properties of a variety of nanowire systems. In electronic transport devices, we are looking at new growth capabilities to explore low-dimensional physics. In nanophotonics, we have discovered new mechanisms for surface plasmon-polariton (SPP) generation, and are investigating the control and manipulation of SPPs on the ultra-subwavelength scale.

Mesoscopic Transport

The laboratory has had a long interest in mesoscopic electronic transport in a number of low-dimensional systems, such as quantum dots and single impurities. Recent work has investigated the states of impurities in Schottky barrier MOSFETs, where we have observed the first Stark effect splitting of a single impurity.

Molecular Transport

We have also pioneered transport in molecular-scale systems - recent work has demonstrated the first orbital-gated molecular transistor (link).

Mark A. Reed Group