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The Mark A. Reed Group at Yale University focuses on research in semiconductor nanowires and devices, quantum electron devices, transport phenomena in semiconductor heterojunction and nanostructured systems, reduced dimensionality effects, resonant tunneling transistors and circuits, novel heterojunction devices, molecular electronics, MEMS, bioMEMS, and nanotechnology. Group members include postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students from around the globe.

To learn more about us and our research, please visit our members and research pages. For more in-depth information, our publications page contains a full list of the group's published material, and on the former members page you can download the complete theses of previous graduate students. For updates on our most recent developments, visit our news page. Still curious? Check out our newly added image gallery and browse over 100 pictures taken by lab members using our optical microscope and SEM.

Fall 2016 Group Photo

From left to right: Mark Reed, Mathias Wipf, Zak Kobos, Sonya Sawtelle, Jieun Lee, Shari Yosinski, Hongyu Fu, Luye (Mary) Mu, Xin (Sylvia) Li

Spring 2014 Group Photo

From left to right: Monika Weber, Zak Kobos, Sonya Sawtelle, Mark Reed, Xin (Sylvia) Li, Shari Yosinski, Luye (Mary) Mu

Fall 2011 Group Photo

From left to right: Aleksandar Vacic, Nitin Rajan, Mark Reed, Xuexin Duan, Ryan Munden, Mary Mu, Weihua Guan, Kara Brower, Monika Weber, Yeonwoong Jung, Xiaohua Wang, Hyunwook Song, Yong Sun and Evangelos Hadjimichael


A treetop view of Yale University and downtown New Haven, CT

Mark A. Reed Group