About Model C

The Model C is a dexterous hand designed for 6-DOF within-hand manipulation. Its non-anthropomorphic design draws inspiration from the Stewart-Gough platform parallel mechanism. This simple kinematic structure allows for straightforward, accurate control with minimal sensing.

C. M. McCann and A. M. Dollar
"Design of a Stewart Platform-Inspired Dexterous Hand for 6-DOF Within-Hand Manipulation," IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robotics (IROS), 2017.

C. M. McCann and A. M. Dollar
"Analysis and Dimensional Synthesis of a Robotic Hand Based on the Stewart-Gough Platform," ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE), 2018.



  • Actuators: 1x Dynamixel XH-430 W350-R and 6x Actuonix L12-50-R
  • Base Height: 113mm
  • Base Width: 113mm
  • Weight: 1130g

Capabilities (Video)



  • Latest Revision [Github]
  • Revision 1.0.0 (8/19/18) [.zip]