Principal Investigator

Rong Fan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Member, Yale Cancer Center, Yale Stem Cell Center

Ph.D. Chemistry, UC Berkeley

B.S. Applied Chemistry, Univ. Sci & Technol China



Meet the Team



Burak Dongjoo

Postdoc - BME
Burak Dura
Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
E.mail: burak.dura at

Postdoc - BME
Dong-Joo Kim
Ph.D Semicondoctur Engineering, Chonbuk National University
Research interest : Cell separation using nanostructure platform E.mail: at 

Graduate Student  - BME
Jonathan Chen
B.S. Neurobiology & neurophysiology, Univ. of California, San Diego 
Research Interest: single cell proteomics and cancer
E.mail: jonathan.j.chen at

Graduate Student  - BME
Minsuk Kwak
B.S. Bioengineering, Rice University 
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of human T cells
E.mail: minsuk.kwak at

Graduate Student  - BME
Iva Xhangolli
B.S. Biological Engineering, Cornell University 
Research Interest: epigenetic fluctuation in tumor evolution
E.mail: iva.xhangolli at

Graduate Student  - BME
Nayi Wang
B.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research Interest: high-throughput immunological characterization
E.mail: at

Graduate Student - BME 
Yang Xiao
B.S., Molecular Biology, McGill University
Research Interest: microvascular tissue engineering
E.mail: yang.xiao at

Graduate Student - BME 
Zhuo Chen
B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Beihang University
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of autoimmunity
E.mail: zhuo.chen at

Rotation PHD student - BME
GeeHee Lee
B.S.,Biology Major, Theater Studies Minor, Emory University
Research interest: single-cell profiling of anti-tumor T cell

Undergraduate Student - BME 
Seewan Kim
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of immune cells
E.mail: at

Undergraduate Student - BME 
Francis Mburu
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of immune cells
E.mail: francis.mburu at

Undergraduate Student - BME 
Dughan Ahimovic
E.mail: dughan.ahimovic at



Fan Group Alumni


Prof. Sang-Kwon Lee
Department of Physics
Chung-Ang University, Korea

Former Associate Research Scientist    

Dr. Xiaoyuna Zi
Current position: Associate Professor
The second military medical university, China

Former Postdoctoral Associates    

Dr. Lin Han
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
Current Position: Senior Research Scientist at IsoPlexis

Dr. Yao Lu
Ph.D., Dalian Institute for Chemical Physics, CAS 
Current Position: Group leader, Assistant Professor at Dalian Institute for Chemical Physics, CAS

Dr. Meltem Elitas
Ph.D. EPFL, Switzerland 
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Sabanci University


Dr. Yu Wu, Ph.D.
Zhejiang University
Current position: Professor at Zhejiang University

Hajira Ahmad
(co-advised by Prof. Laura Niklason)
Current position: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Jian Wang, Ph.D.
Texas A&M Univ 
Project: single cell protein analysis 

Former  Graduate Students    
Visiting Graduate Student
Ali Atta-Ul
Ph.D. candidate, University College London
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of prostate cancer

Exchange Graduate Student 
Lin Mao
Shanghai Jiaotong University 
Research Interest: tissue-biomaterial interaction

Visiting Graduate Student  
Ming Xu
Fudan Univeristy
Research Interest: micro-tissue engineering in microfluidics


Mary Mu
Rotation graduate student, Spring 2012
Electrical Engineering, Yale University

Former Undergraduate Researchers:    

Yombe Fonkeu
Research Interest: single-cell analysis of autoimmunity
Current: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Andre Shomorony
Research Interest: Immuno-DNA-directed cell assembly and stem cell tissue engineering
Current: Harvard Medical School

Jerome Anyalebechi
Research Interest: Single-cell analysis and T cell differentiation
Current: Case Western Medical School


Yasmin Zaher
Senior thesis research
Project: nanostructure arrays for rare cell analysis

Thabani Dhlakama
Project: trapping and counting of single cells in microchips

Evan Feinberg
Protein microarrays to measure AD biomarkers
Current: Graduate School at Stanford University

Sisira Gorthala
Project: single cell protein measurement

Elena Perry
Project: single cell microtechnology

Joanna Wang
Project: hydrogel heterostructures & micro-tissue engineering

Patricia Lan
Project: hydrogel heterostructures & micro-tissue engineering
Current: Graduate School at Stanford University

Former High School Student Interns:    

Jasper Han
Project: single-cell epigenomic analysis using a microfluidics platform
Current: Yale College

Andrew Pan
Project: tumor immune cell interaction
Current: Georgia Institue of Technology

Yoo-Jin  Yoon
Project: single cell analysis of human autoimmune diseases