Current Projects

Programmable Skins for Moldable and Morphogenetic Soft Robots

Sponsor: NSF Emerging Frontiers & Multidisciplinary Activities

Collaborators: Madhu Venkadesan (Yale), Josh Bongard (UVM), Michael Levin (Tufts)

Links: award information, award announcement, press release

Soft Robotic Manipulators with Enhanced Perception using Multimodal Sensory Skins

Sponsor: NASA STTR

Collaborators: Karen Robinson & Gui Cavalcanti (Otherlab, project lead)

Links: award announcement

Morphing Limbs with Distributed Actuation, Sensing and Variable Stiffness for Turtle- and Tortoise-Inspired Amphibious Locomotion

Sponsor: Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program

Links: award announcement, press release

Robotic Fabrics: Multifunctional Fabrics for Reconfigurable and Wearable Soft Systems

Sponsor: Air Force Young Investigator Program

Links: press release

Active Elastic Skins for Soft Robotics

Sponsor: NASA Early Career Faculty Program

Links: award announcement, press release publication press release

Soft Robotics to Broaden the STEM Pipeline

Sponsor: NSF ITEST

Collaborators: Nathan Mentzer (Purdue, project lead)

Links: award information, more project information

Understanding the Printability of Liquid Metal Dispersions for Additive Manufacturing


Links: award information, press release

Past Projects

Bagbots: Using Robotic Skins for Deployable Self-Constructing Soft Robots

  • Sponsor: NASA CT Space Grant Consortium
  • Links: award information

  • Intelligent Activewear: Computer-Aided Proprioception for Posture and Performance Enhancement

  • Sponsor: Intel Corp.
  • Collaborators: Kathleen Sienko (UMich)

  • Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Wearable Human Monitoring Systems

  • Sponsor: Printing SMART Films Industry Consortium
  • Collaborators: George Chiu (Purdue)

  • SENSE: Soft Elastomer Networks for State Estimation

  • Sponsor: DARPA Robotics Fast Track (RFT)
  • Collaborators: Kevin Albert (Otherlab, project lead)