Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio

Photo of Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio

Yale Faculty Profile
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Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University, 2012
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, 2008
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 2007

Postdoctoral Researchers

Photo of Dr. Sang Yup Kim

Dr. Sang Yup Kim


Photo of Dr. Amir Mohammadi Nasab

Dr. Amir Mohammadi Nasab


Photo of Dr. Elze Porte

Dr. Elze Porte

Photo of Dr. Sreekalyan Patiballa

Dr. Sreekalyan Patiballa


Photo of Dr. Lina Sanchez Botero

Dr. Lina Sanchez Botero

Research Staff

Photo of Dr. Joran Booth

Dr. Joran Booth

Research Scientist


Photo of Thomas Sipple

Thomas Sipple

Postgrad Associate

Graduate Students

Photo of Robert Baines

Robert Baines

3rd-year PhD Student

Photo of Trevor Buckner

Trevor Buckner

4th-year PhD Student

Photo of Sophia Eristoff

Sophia Eristoff

1st-year PhD Student

Photo of Shanliangzi Liu

Shanliangzi Liu

5th-year PhD Student

Photo of Dylan Shah

Dylan Shah

4th-year PhD Student

Photo of Bilige 'Billy' Yang

Bilige "Billy" Yang

1st-year PhD Student

Undergraduate Students

  • Liana Tilton, Visiting from Washington University in St. Louis

  • Eugene Thomas

  • Andonny Garcia

  • Kristen Henry

  • Andrew Reardon

  • Hannah Steele

  • Ellen Yang



  • Dr. Andrew Jackson. Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

  • Dr. Steph Walker. Current position: Postdoctoral Associate at Oregon State University

  • Dr. Olivier Cyr-Choiniere. Current position: Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TandemLaunch

  • Prof. Mohammed Mohammed. Current position: Assistant Professor, Cairo University

  • Prof. J. William Boley. Current position: Assistant Professor, Boston University


  • Dr. R Adam Bilodeau, 2020.

  • Photo of Dr. Jennifer Case Dr. Jennifer Case, 2019. Current position: Post-Doc at NIST
    Photo of Dr. Michelle Yuen Dr. Michelle Yuen, 2018. Current position: Post-Doc at Air Force Research Lab

  • Dr. Edward White, 2017. Current position: Engineer at The Johns Hopkins University

  • MS

  • Jiawei Zhang, 2017. Current position: Manufacturing Engineer at Schlumberger

  • Trevor Lear, 2016. Current position: Advanced Quality Engineer at Stryker


  • Jane Jacobs, undergraduate researcher

  • John Kim, undergraduate researcher

  • Sinem Sinmaz, undergraduate researcher

  • Gabrielle Branin, undergraduate researcher

  • Evelyn Huang, undergraduate researcher

  • Nguyen Pham, undergraduate researcher

  • John McCaw, undergraduate researcher

  • Hannah Brown, undergraduate researcher

  • Jarvis Du, undergraduate researcher

  • Thomas Chenal, MS exchange student from EPFL.