Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio

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Yale Faculty Profile
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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Joran Booth

Research Scientist


Dr. Andrew Jackson

Dr. Sang Yup Kim


Graduate Students

Robert Baines

2nd-year PhD Student

R Adam Bilodeau

5th-year PhD Student

Trevor Buckner

3rd-year PhD student

Jennifer Case

6th-year PhD student

Shanliangzi Liu

4th-year PhD Student

Dylan Shah

3rd-year PhD student

Undergraduate Students

  • Gabrielle Branin

  • Andonny Garcia

  • Evelyn Huang

  • Jane Jacobs

  • Nguyen Pham

  • Andrew Reardon

  • Hannah Steele

  • Ellen Yang

High School Students

  • Liana Tilton



  • Dr. Steph Walker. Current position: Postdoctoral Scholar at Oregon State University.
  • Dr. Olivier Cyr-Choiniere. Current position: Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TandemLaunch.
  • Prof. Mohammed Mohammed. Current position: Assistant Professor, Cairo University.

  • Prof. J. William Boley. Current position: Assistant Professor, Boston University.


  • Dr. Michelle Yuen, 2018. Current position: Post-Doc at Air Force Research Lab.

  • Dr. Edward White, 2017. Current position: Engineer at The Johns Hopkins University

  • MS

  • Jiawei Zhang, 2017. Current position: Manufacturing Engineer at Schlumberger.

  • Trevor Lear, 2016. Current position: Advanced Quality Engineer at Stryker.

  • Other

  • John McCaw, undergraduate researcher.

  • Hannah Brown, undergraduate researcher.

  • Jarvis Du, undergraduate researcher.

  • Thomas Chenal, MS exchange student from EPFL.