Welcome to Prof. Fengnian Xia's research group in Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale University.

Rediscover black phosphorus

Black phosphorus RF transistors

MoS2 transistors

Damping of graphene plasmons

Plasmonic graphene/insulator stacks

In electrical engineering, many major advances are the direct results of breakthroughs in material sciences. For example, introduction of silicon to electronics leads to the burgeoning semiconductor industry today at the scale of hundreds of billion US dollars. Successful growth of wafer scale gallium nitride is revolutionizing the way people lighten the world. Although material innovation takes along with it numerous exciting new opportunities, scientists and engineers are facing formidable challenges at the same time ranging from high quality material synthesis and novel device realization, to high performance system integration. We try to address these challenges in our group. Here we explore basic properties of emerging low-dimensional materials such as graphene, nanotube, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), boron nitride and black phosphorous, build functional devices based on these materials, and identify their applications in photonics and electronics.

Main research directions in the group are:
  • Light-matter Interaction and Photonic Devices
  • Carrier Transport and Electronic Devices
  • Device Applications in Imaging, Communications, and Electronics
  • Integration of Emerging and Traditional Materials

Please visit the research page for highlights, or check out the publication list for our current and past work.


We are grateful for the support from Yale University, Office of Naval Research (ONR), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), and National Science Foundation (NSF).

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