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ReedLab Current Members

Mark Reed
Professor (EE, Appl. Phys) 

Yeonwoong Jung
Postdoctoral Fellow

Xuexin Duan
Postdoctoral Fellow

Nitin Rajan
Graduate Student (Appl. Phys)

Weihua Guan
Graduate Student (EE)

Monika Weber
Graduate Student (EE)

Luye Mary Mu
Graduate Student (EE)

Xin Sylvia Li
Graduate Student (Physics)

Shari Yosinski
Graduate Student (BME)

Sonya Sawtelle
Graduate Student (Physics)

Weihua Guan

Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University

M.S. Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 2008

B.S. Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China 2005

Phone: (203)432-7565
Mail: Dept.of Electrical Engineering
Yale University
P.O.B. 208284
New Haven, CT, 06520

Weihua started his PhD in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale University and joined Reedlab in September 2008. His current research topic is the ElectroFluidics, which studies the electric field-matter interactions in the nanofluidic/microfluidic systems for sensing and actuating applications. Examples include the AC active actuating system for the control of charged particles (aqueous Paul trap) and DC active actuating system for control of ionic species (Field-effect reconfigurable ionic diode). His research interests lie in the fundamental understanding and application of microfluidic, electronic, and photonic technologies in lab-on-a-chip devices for biomedical research and point-of-care diagnostics.

Weihua is the author and the co-author of ~20 peer reviewed journal articles, with H index 11. He also serves as referee for various high impact international journals. Weihua is a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellow (2011-2013) and Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad (2012).


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