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XYZ Images:  Left: XYZ instructional module, Center: XYZ testbed module, Right: Motion enabled XYZ


The XYZ Sensor Node is an open source wireless sensing platform developed at ENALAB, Yale University in collaboration with Cogent Computer. The first generation of this node is designed around an ML67 series ARM/THUMB microcontroller from OKI Semiconductor and a CC2420 Zigbee compliant radio from Chipcon. The goal of this website is to create a forum for XYZ developers and users and to provide up-to-date information on our design and new applications for XYZ. The stable versions of our designs are available to the community through Cogent Computer.

SOS Operating System
RSSI Dataset from XYZ Testbed





















XYZ Documentation & Papers

New! Dataset 1: An online dataset of a monopole antenna characterization using the XYZ node network at ENALAB

XYZ-users Mailing List:  xyz-users@cs.yale.edu  Please visit: http://mailman.cs.yale.edu/mailman/listinfo/xyz-users to join the list

GNU Toolchain & Other Development Tools

Using the GNU toolchain for ARM/Thumb

Additional pre-compiled toolchains for ARM/Thumb for Windows and Linux can be downloaded from the Code Sourcery Website

Operating System Support

XYZ currently supports the  SOS Operating System Developed at the Networked and Embedded Systems Lab (NESL) at UCLA. 
For more information on SOS please refer to: A Guide to the SOS Operating System by Roy Shea 
You can check out SOS that also contains a port to the XYZ node from the CVS from Linux or Cygwin

%export CVS_RSH=ssh
%export CVSROOT=anon@cvs.nesl.ucla.edu:/Volumes/Vol1/neslcvs/CVS

When prompted for password, enter "anon", then
% cvs co sos

Usage and Testbed

The XYZ platform is currently used both for educational purposes in EENG 460a at Yale  and as part of a scalable, battery operated testbed at ENALAB.  In January 2005 XYZ will be deployed in a real operational environment. More details soon...



XYZ Related Tutorials & Exercises

SOS Website

Programming Assignment #1 from EENG 460a at Yale - Starting code for PA#1
Programming Assignment #2
from EENG 460a at Yale - Starting code for PA#2

Test Code

This section will contain pre-compiled code fragments that you can use as sanity checks to determine if you node is working properly.
BlinkTest.elf - periodically blinks all 3 LEDs

XYZ Errata 

- Silkscreen bug on the power switch - labels STBY and ON labels should be switched
- Schematic bug order of  GREEN and YELLOW leds should be reversed PIOD7 GREEN, PIOD6 YELLOW, PIOD5 RED

Last updated on 05/18/05 by  Andreas Savvides