Welcome to the website of the lab of Charles H. Ahn, William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Applied Physics, Physics and of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science



The Ahn Lab is a research group affiliated with the Department of Applied Physics at Yale University and the Center for Research on Interface Structures and Phenomena (CRISP), a National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF-MRSEC). The lab investigates the electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated oxide materials.



Lab News

The publication of the book Physics of Ferroelectrics: A Modern Perspective, and the cover of Advanced Materials in 2010.

Cover of Advanced Materials Cover of Advanced Materials Cover of Physics of Ferroelectrics

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   Department of Applied Physics
   Yale University
   Becton Center
   P.O. Box 208284
   New Haven, CT 06520-8284
   Phone: (203) 432-4273 (Maria Rao)
   Fax: (203) 432-7044